About Nigel

Nigel is married to Carolyn and they have four children (15-22).  They live in Palmerston North – Nigel is a trained secondary school teacher (economics), has practiced as a social worker and worked for 17 years for Christian Community Church.  Nigel has completed post-graduate theological study through Regent College in Vancouver and is a self confessed bookaholic and CD collector.  He loves exploring scripture and culture and the challenge that being Christian poses in a post-Christian world.  He has just published a book, “Villages Without Walls”, on this topic.

He now runs a life coaching/supervision and training business called Vox Humana, and is also employed part-time by the Emmaus Bible Learning Centre (a new Bible School in PN) to organise the curriculum and lecture.  He writes a newspaper column on fatherhood.  Nigel has been a committed part of church unity in Palmerston North for twenty years and has taught in a wide range of denominations, networks and nations.